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Steve Jobs 1955-2011

The world loses a visonary

The dream started when he was just 18 years old in a garage.  Thirty-eight years later, that continually changing and evolving dream has all but conquered the technology world.

We woke to the sad news that Steve Jobs, former Apple CEO, passed away yesterday from a long battle with pancreatic cancer.

Whether you’re an Apple lover or hater, an early adopter, a later adopter or a non-adopter, it cannot be doubted that Steve Jobs was an amazingly creative, entrepreneurial, successful man.

Putting his technology successes aside, he was also a very inspirational and motivational man. One of the most moving speeches I have ever heard was an address he did to Stanford University in 2005. I first watched it a couple of years ago, but re-watching it today is even more poignant.

There is so much ‘take-away’ wisdom from his speech.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

“Don’t let the noise of others opinions drown out your inner voice.”

“You’ve got to find what you love. Do what you believe is great work, and the only way to do great work is love what you do. Keep looking, don’t settle.”


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Apple Keynote Oct 2011 - iPods

Quick Apple iPod stats

  • The first Apple iPod was introduced in 2001 – making music ‘simple to enjoy again’
  • Apple iPod is the No 1 digital music player in world; it holds 78% of the US market share alone
  • There have been >300 million iPods sold; 45 million last financial year, more than half of which were sold to customers buying their first iPod.

iPod line-up receives minor changes

At the Apple media event held at Cupertino campus on 4 October 2011, Apple’s Phil Schiller provided updates on the current Apple iPod lineup – iPod nano, iPod touch – and iPod shuffle. You can also read about all the other Apple announcements here.

No exciting new iPods today! I’m guessing they think they have perfected the Apple iPods. Or, is it that they’ve just had so much more on their minds?!

In the last couple of years they dropped the poor Apple iPod classic like a hot potato in terms of updates or even inclusion in the ‘iPod family’ – yet of course you can still buy the iPod classic online – and the price has dropped a little to $279 (from $299). If you own toooo many songs for your other devices, this is still the way to go!

iPod nano

iPod nano 6G Apple media event: iPod lineup   any real changes?The Apple iPod nano is still the same cute design – colourful and wearable.

Now it has a new user interface, is easier to navigate with multi-touch display. Apple has also improved the fitness experience – you can track walks and now also runs, chart your history, share it with friends online. No extra device needed.

The technology world has exploded with accessories for the iPod nano – like the iPod nano watch – so Apple decided to add more customisable clock faces to build on that – different styles, colours (match your iPod nano) and now also includes the choice of cartoon characters, like Minney and Mickey Mouse.

Comes in 7 colours
Now 8GB $AU149   16GB $AU169
Available today – Buy Apple iPod nano

iPod touch

iPod touch 4G Apple media event: iPod lineup   any real changes?“The most popular iPod.”

  • iMessage makes communication easier on iPod touch instead of a phone. Free and unlimited over wi-fi.
  • Most popular game device, works excellently with game center.
  • Enhanced dramatically by iOS5 and iCloud.

Comes in Black – and now also White
Now 8GB $AU219   32GB $AU329   64GB $AU439
Available 12 October – Buy Apple iPod touch

iPod shuffle

No changes or updates
2GB $AU55
Available now – Buy Apple iPod shuffle

Apple iPods2011 Apple media event: iPod lineup   any real changes?

Apple Event Keynote

Anyone wishing to watch the Keynote video in it’s entirety, can do so here -> Apple Keynote Oct 2011

pixel Apple media event: iPod lineup   any real changes?

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