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Blackberry addiction at it’s best – or worst

Addiction of any sort is a sickness that can take over your mind and body.

We’ve spoken about it on here before, whether it’s Internet Addiction or the fast rising problem of Blackberry addiction already, including to the extent that there has been a rise in thumb surgery because of it. Hmmm.

That level of addiction is not just for the Blackberry user however. There was a the shocking story last week about two Spanish children who were actually institutionalised to be treated for mobile phone addiction, as the Telegraph UK reports:

Their parents became concerned that the children, aged 12 and 13, were unable to carry out normal activities without their handsets. They were failing at school and deceiving relatives in an attempt to obtain more money for phone cards.

So, although addiction is not usually something to be taken lightly… when Michael of BBGeeks contacted us with a new commercial-like video they have made about Blackberry addiction, I thought I should share it (below).

Beware – along with seeing the effects of blackberry addiction, you’ll also see a little “crackberry” (slight nudity). It is meant to be light-hearted so please don’t watch if you will be offended.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


pixel Blackberry addiction at its best   or worst

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